A Gathering Storm

Session 5, Teleportation

Leaving the building with the large altar, the party moved further into the complex and into the Alchemy Lab. The entrance chamber of the building was empty and Brandt attempted to bluff some of the troops from an inner room into coming into the entrance chamber. When it looked like this plan was going to work, Kazen-kai also attempted to bluff this into working but only succeeded in sending the wizard scurrying for the stairs to the upper level. At this point the heroes moved in and engaged those remaining in the room and discovered a demon contained by a magic circle in the room as well. During the fighting, one of the demonologists summoned strange creatures of a black oil like substance and as the heroes felled the blobs, there substance was absorbed by the demon. With only the still trapped demon as an ally, the last of the humans summoned another large ooze like substance that Ashcar quickly moved to engage. Finally, the wizard returned from the upper floor, only to free the demon and allow it to enter the fight. After absorbing quite a serious amount of punishment, the heroes were able to overcome their remaining foes.

After clearing the alchemy lab, the heroes moved to investigate the complexes forge.

Botany Lab



Portal Tower

Strange Desert Castle


DM_Ryan Gillric

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