A Gathering Storm

Session 1, Part 1 - Shipwrecked

With the ship wrecked, and only the heroes surviving, they made there way into the town of Alazar. The leader of the town met with them and offered to repair their ship in exchange for the completion of a dangerous task. A lighthouse located on an island in the harbour housed an orb with powerful magical properties, it could be used to control the weather. This lighthouse had been commandeered by an evil wizard and was being used to wreck all the ships in the surrounding waters, including the ship the heroes had been sailing with. The heroes readily agreed to the task.

Upon reaching the cliffs along the shore overlooking the island, the heroes began to plan their assault. Ashcar suggested swimming out to the island or making use of a small craft under the cover of fog, only to realize that the fog was under the control of the wizard. With a frontal assault out of the questions, the heroes began looking for another route into the lighthouse which brought them to the ruins of a tower atop the cliffs.

As they approached the ruins, Ashcar spotted a number of large webs strung amongst the trees and began guiding the others around them towards the door. When he spotted a spider in the ruins, he rushed forward to dispatch it only to have more spiders along with adherers come forth to challenge the party. After a quick battle, the heroes emerged victorious, but not before Ashcar managed to ensnare himself in one of the webs.

After cutting Ashcar down, they made their way into the base of the ruined tower, only to discover a set of stairs leading down.


DM_Ryan Gillric

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