A nation of humans and goblins, Ishan is a the largest and most powerful nation in the region, and many islands have sworn themselves to Ishan as vassals in exchange for protection from minotaurs. The Ishani navy is in near constant conflict with both pirates and the minotaur fleet, therefore they maintain a presence on every major shipping lane.

A free city of several hundred thousand people, located along several major shipping lanes. Ketesh has a human majority, but members of every race exist there in large number. Ketesh is a bustling trade port and the largest city in the region, making it the place to go if one wants to do business or get lost in a crowd.

A large port town, Alazar is a great distance from the nearest settlement, and would probably be isolated completely if it wasn’t for the silver mines in the hills surrounding the town. Alazar has no tolerance for pirates, but is otherwise a haven for all manner of scoundrels and criminals.

The homeland of the dwarves is a volcanic island upon which is built several large towns. Though it is isolated from the major trade lines, Ironholm is home to a sprawling natural harbour and is a centre of industry both for iron production and shipbuilding. Ironholm has many nearby colonies on other islands, as the dwarves realize that the volcano their home is built on cannot stay dormant forever.

A great stone citadel that juts up out of the sea, Saryth is a fortified dragonborn colony. Saryth was built by the dragonborn centuries ago and is believed to be the world’s most impregnable stronghold. Non-dragonborn are allowed in the harbour beneath the fortress, but no outsider has seen the inner walls for generations.

The kenku homeland is a large forested island centred on a mountain chain. Negura is very clannish, and the kenku who live there often foster rivalries and vendettas with each other that outsiders don’t fully understand. In addition to its kenku inhabitants, Negura is also home to several tribes of human and half-orc barbarians who are often recruited to serve the kenku as soldiers or labourers.

There is a tiny island in the eastern sea upon which is a tower which no one ever enters or leaves. On some nights, a bright light can be seen coming from the tower’s interior, a light which often disappears as mysteriously as it appeared. The seas around the tower are dangerous, filled with jagged volcanic rocks that stick out from the water like teeth, catching boats that come too near to the tower. Furthermore, the tower is surrounded by near-perpetual storms which blow errant ships off course and onto the rocks.

The Gallows
These five tiny islands mark the edge of minotaur waters. Each of the gallows islands are covered in tall rocky outcroppings, upon which minotaurs crucify captives taken in their raids. It is a bad idea to linger around the gallows, as it risks bringing a minotaur ship down upon yourself.

Starstone Island
Starstone is a large island located in the heart of the eastern sea. Once, Starstone was a centre of demon worship, and ruined temples to Demogorgon still exist amid the jungles there. Centuries past, the tribes of Starstone rose up against these demons, killing their worshippers and sealing them away in their own temples.


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