The storm blew up out of nowhere. You were already running on a skeleton crew without proper supplies. The situation became desperate, and the captain ordered the men to jettison everything that wasn’t nailed down as the ship made a desperate run to harbour. At first it seemed like you would make it; you could see land even as the storm overtook you. The ship was tossed, men were swept overboard, and others were crushed when the masts broke off. You ran aground a half mile from the town of Alazar with less than a quarter of the men you set out with. Now you’re stuck in Alazar with a broken ship, no money, a dead captain, and no crew to speak of. It falls to you, the few remaining crewmen, to rebuild your broken ship and gather a replacement crew. When that has been done, you’ll have an entire world before you to be explored.

A Gathering Storm

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