Storm Crows

Storm crow flag

A band of pirates who once ruled the city of Alazar; when law was brought back to the city, all members of the Storm Crow fleet were hanged. Somehow, the Storm Crows have survived; a small band of pirates sail under their flag with the attempt to recapture Alazar and turn it into a den of pirates once more.

Esoteric Order of the Iron Chain

A secret society created to steal demonic power for their own goals. The order takes its name from demons’ vulnerability to iron, viewing themselves as a force capable of controlling demonkind.
Membership in the Iron Chain is primarily human, though other mortal races make up a small minority in the order’s lower ranks. In addition, the order has managed to bind a few lesser demons to their service, using them as disposable shock troops.
The Iron Chain counts in its number a large number of mercenaries and former soldiers, but the heart of the order are it’s demonologists: arcanists and alchemists who work toward harnessing demonic magic. The highest ranking members of the order are warlocks who have claimed their powers from demons by force.
The Iron Chain are particularly disgusted by demon worshippers, viewing them as puppets who don’t understand the forces they serve.

Rupture demon

One of the Order of the Iron Chain’s demonic servitors


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